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Get Started With MidJourney!

Are you looking to up your art game? Get started with MidJourney today and watch your productivity sky rocket! As if that isn’t enough, you will not believe the quality of your new creations. Getting started with Mid Journey is easy and free, just watch the videos below. And when you get stuck or need help, you can always get real time tech support using Athena!

We built the platform and now we want to connect you with the right help instantly.

Start Learning


Showcasing creations


Installing midjourney

Signing up for paid version

Interacting w/ midjourney bot

Adding midjourney bot to server

Configure setting

Making your first image

Upscaling and saving images

Creating different styles of images

Being specific with prompts

Using ambiguity with prompts

Creating places

Aspect ratio

Midjourney version aspect ratio

Using chaos in MJ

No parameters

Quality parameter

Seed parameter

Stop parameter

Stylize parameter

Uplight parameter

Using existing images for inspiration

Image weights

Prompt weights

Image tiling

Editing MJ images in photoshop

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